Panama – Travel

For the past 4 years I’ve had the great privilege of being the youth pastor at Calvary Fellowship Church in Downingtown.  During that time I’ve learned so much about God and who he has created me to be.  Last year, after much prayer, I decided that I would step down as the youth pastor at the end of the school year and pursue wedding photography full time.  Well, that time has arrived and starting on July 1st I will no longer be the youth pastor at CFC.  What better way to end 4 great years than to take 12 students on a missions trip to Panama!  For the past 8 days I’ve been immersed in the language and culture of the Embera Indians. Their tribe has existed and lived in Columbia and Panama for hundreds of years (pre-dating Columbus).  They’ve managed to keep much of their language and way of life, and it was a great blessing to learn about the history of these wonderful people.  The connection with the tribe and CFC was made years ago when Kersten Appler spent a few years working in the village of Piriati with the Peace Corps.  While she was there she fell in love with a native Embera named Edyl.  They married each other over four years ago and are now living in PA and they attend CFC.  This was CFC’s 3rd trip to the village and the 1st trip with high school students.  We were so blessed by the humility, gentleness and hospitality of these wonderful people.  Below are some pictures that capture a little bit of this beautiful tribe…

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8 Responses to Panama – Travel

  1. Jessica Kripp says:

    These are phenomenal Mike!

    • Morby Photography says:

      Thanks Jess!

      • Dawn Haines says:

        Mike- Thank you, thank you , thank you. Kayla had an amazing time! What amazing photos of the children and village. We will be praying for you as you transition. Thanks again for organizing this trip. In the grip of His grace, Dawn

  2. Morbs! Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to go there and especially hang out with those kids. So glad you had a great time serving Him…so glad you are back…so sad you are leaving us in the dust while you become a famous photographer. Miss you already!

  3. Nancy Bruner says:

    Great pictures, Mike! Thanks for leading the trip. Katie enjoyed it so very much. We’ve heard oodles of stories already. The students are going to miss you terribly! You mean so much to all of them. They have grown so much under your teaching. Blessings to you as you follow after God in a new direction. Nancy

    • Morby Photography says:

      She did such a great job on the trip! She has an amazing spirit and love for people. Thanks for all your family has done for us. We’d still love to come over and do dinner again 🙂

  4. Sandi Malcolm says:

    Mike, The photos are so awesome…you are truly gifted in many ways! As you leave CFC and pursue what is truly a gift from God, please keep a outreached arm on the youth of CFC, they still need you! Kiernan went from a homesick, lost girl on this trip to a confident, young woman who embraced the culture and feels a strong connection to the Embera people…she is already talking about next year, so you better go! All the best to you and your family and we will be recommending your photography services as much as possible! The, grateful, Malcolms

    • Morby Photography says:

      Thank you Sandi! It was amazing to see her transformation on the trip. I truly enjoyed having her along! I will be sure to keep in touch with the students. I love them all so much.

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