Julie & Pat – Wedding

Last night’s wedding at Bear Creek with Julie and Pat was a lot of fun!  It started by taking photos of the groomsmen at the pool doing backflips, synchronized swimming, chicken fights and belly flops.  The ceremony was outdoors with a wonderful view and the reception was a non-stop dance party.  Congrats to Julie and Pat on a wonderful wedding.  Here are a few of the pics…

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5 Responses to Julie & Pat – Wedding

  1. David says:


  2. Julie says:

    Thank you so much, Mike! You were awesome and we’re so grateful that you were a part of our day/. We can’t wait to see more! Love, Julie and pat

  3. Jenna says:

    These photographs are absolutely amazing and encompass every bit of love and adoration that Julie and Pat have for each other. Not being able to be there by Julie’s side as my best friend married the man of her dreams was devastating to me. But, looking at these pictures makes me feel as if I was there. Mike, thank you so much for capturing these special moments. Julie and pat will cherish these memories forever! Congratulations J & P!!!!! 🙂

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