Jake & Leigh-Ann – Wedding

If it weren’t for the low-light capabilities of our Canon equipment, last night’s ceremony would have been impossible. It was our first outdoor ceremony at night, and the utter darkness might have been a photographer’s nightmare but, thanks to a recent purchase, we had the proper lenses along.

Leigh-Ann was one of the most easy-going brides we’ve worked with. We were clued into this when we saw the bridal party assembling their own bouquets just an hour before the ceremony, and again when she playfully waved at the limo that held her soon-to-be husband (instead of running to not be seen!).

Their love for each other was evident to all and it was a pleasure to be included in the event. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to Jake & Leigh-Ann – Wedding

  1. Leigh-Ann & Jake says:

    Mike & Kari!
    Thank you so much for photographing the wedding! these pictures are amazing! We especially love the last one:) We can’t wait to see the book you put together and if these few pictures are anything like the rest we know it will be amazing! You both were so wonderful to work with and your talents are superb. Thank you, thank you for making our wedding memorable for years to come!
    Leigh-Ann & Jake

    • Michael Morby Photography says:

      You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked the sneak peak. It was an amazing wedding. You and Jake were so easy to work with. I hope you enjoy your honeymoon!

  2. Nancy Mullen says:

    You have amazing talent. This mini album is spectacular. I looked at each and just wanted more. Very artistic shots, very cool. Great job. Thanks,
    Nancy ( mother of the groom)

  3. Karen Hruz says:

    Mike and Kari,
    What a creative eye you both have! You’ve captured the happiness, joy and love in each photo. I love the unique shots; the rings, dress, shoes, lantern and glasses and the traditional ones, the wedding, the bridesmaids, groomsmen and the traditions. My two favorites, so far, are Leigh-Ann and the bridesmaids at the barn (I love how the vibrant colors of the flowers contrast with the soft pastels of the gowns) and of course, the last photo embodies the caring and love of the day. Thanks for creating such incredible reminders of November 20th, 2010. So looking forward to the photo album.
    Karen (Leigh-Ann’s Mom)

    • Michael Morby Photography says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! We loved being a part of the day. They helped make the photographs fun and unique 🙂 Jake and Leigh-Ann are both amazing people!

  4. Ron Hruz says:

    Mike and Kari,
    Thank you so much for the great photos. They are a perfect blend of Love & Joy that filled the air that day, as well as the Grace and Artistry of the Victorian era. I can’t wait to see the album. It will be at the top of everyone’s “Best Seller” wedding album list!
    Ron (Tinker Bell’s Dad)

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