Katie & Brian – Wedding

The weather held out long enough for us to have a beautiful Saturday wedding in Cape May, New Jersey.  Katie is the daughter of a good friend of ours named Cathy.  It was an Irish/Catholic wedding with an open bar…need I say more?

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6 Responses to Katie & Brian – Wedding

  1. Carolyn Best says:

    It was a beautiful day, the couple was beautiful and these pictures capture all of that so well!!

  2. Colleen Houck says:

    Great pictures, Mike and Kari! You guys are so talented and you were great to work with.

  3. Cathy Hooven says:

    Mike and Kari,
    WOW , what can I say? The pictures are great and capture the awesomeness of the day!
    Thanks so much for making the day unforgettable !

  4. Tom & Jane Liberi says:

    Beautiful work, Mike, you are a true professional!

  5. Tom & Jane Liberi says:

    Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing the photos, and you have a wonderful ability to capture the moment!

  6. Mike and Kari,

    You did a fabulous job. These pictures are just beautiful and they will be a lifetime memory for Brian and Katie of their wedding day.

    Neil and Loretta McDermott

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